JM Clipper Gasketing

Style Material  
978-C Black NBR Sheet
NA-60 Economical Green NBR Sheet
1078 Off-white NBR Sheet
940 Red SBR Sheet
970 Red Double Pressed SBR Sheet
960 Black SBR Sheet  
961 Off-white SBR Sheet  
976 Off-white Neoprene Sheet  
986 Yellow EPDM Sheet


Expanded PTFE (EPTFE)

Filled PTFE


Non-Asbestos Compressed


Vegetable Fiber

Mica Thermal Properties

JM Clipper offers several unique sealing products for industrial applications.

Clipperlon 600 is a unique expanded 100% PTFE extruded joint sealing technology. Its fibrillated structure gives it excellent compressibility and high tensile strength, which makes it an easy to use form-in-place gasket. Clipperlon 600 seal with extremely low bolt load which makes it ideal for worn or damaged equipment. It eliminates the need to cut gaskets, reduces flange sticking and its adhesive backing helps hold it in place during installation. View PDF Data Sheet

Duxseal is an all purpose sealing and caulking compound and has a heavy putty-like consistency. It is compounded from an inert fiber and non-drying synthetic oil base and premium waxes. Duxseal is a re-usable putty that will adhere to most clean surfaces. It is unaffected by moisture, ordinary gases and condensates and seals out dust, dirt, water, acids, air, fumes and gases.

Because of Duxseal's excellent adhesion and shape retention it is a preferred product for plumbers, steamfitters, air conditioning mechanics and general mechanics. Common applications include the sealing of electrical junction boxes, recessed airport lighting, ventilator shafts, ductwork, gas mains and battery terminal caps.


Quadralon is a homogeneous PTFE sheet that uses product geometry, rather than fillers or binders to improve creep and flow. JM Clipper′s “dog bone” pattern restructures the material into thick low-density walls that surround thin high-density quadrants. This creates a multiple density, multiple thickness material to improve sealability. The unique pattern also has a higher tensile strength for better handling.


Clipperlon 2100 Series gasket materials are comprised of the latest developments in PTFE polymers, fillers, and geometric technology. Clipperlon products have resistance to bolt creep that was previously unattainable with PTFE compounds as well as chemical resistance that is far superior to that of traditional filled materials. The varying filler contents of the Clipperlon Series of PTFE gasketing materials provide different physical characteristics so each application can be customized according to its unique performance requirements. Color-coding ensures the products are differentiated for the customer as well as aiding in the specification process. Clipperlon Series 2100 materials are the latest in PTFE technology and clearly illustrate JM Clipper′s commitment to being the industry leader in fluid sealing materials and product engineering.


QuadraGraph is a proprietary graphite sheet that is manufactured using the DynaGraph process that gives it properties that are not attainable by traditional graphite sheets. The proprietary dog bone pattern creates a multiple density material for optimal sealing performance. QuadraGraph is designed for high temperature (850 F air, 1200 F steam) and corrosive environment and is available with or without metal foil insert.


For many years, this first generation family of compressed, non-asbestos gasket materials has served the diverse needs of the industry. These are the original materials developed to replace the asbestos-based gasket materials. Although these styles are still successfully used in their special areas, our continuing development program has produced materials that have improved service envelopes at greater economy. Each of these materials is branded with the JM Clipper logo, and each is coated with a high-temperature parting agent. Clipper sheet has a long standing reputation as the friendly sheet due because it is very pliable and easy to cut. JM Clipper's new generation of compressed non-asbestos and sheet products allow you to cover all applications with fewer gasket materials. Choose one of the nitrile sheets for those less aggressive applications, Clipperlon PTFE sheets for the more aggressive service and QuadraGraph dual density sheet for high temperature service. The premier line of JM Clipper sheet gasket material includes:


Premium rubber sheet is available in three styles.

Style 104-C is a high tensile, black, neoprene rubber sheet that is press-vulcanized to a plate finish. It is recommended for service in oil, gasoline, petroleum solvents, propane, butane and hydrogen. Available in 36” width in thicknesses of 1/16”, 3/32”, 1/8”, 3/16” & 1/4”.

Style 105 is a black neoprene rubber diaphragm sheet. It is reinforced with a medium weight duct. Style 105 is recommended for braid diaphragm applications in oil and gasoline service where uniform structural strength is required. Available in 36” width in thicknesses of 1/16”, 3/32”, 1/8”, 3/16” & 1/4”.

Style 107 is a high-grade red rubber material made from special heat resistant SBR rubber with a fine cloth finish and is for general service. It is suitable for medium pressure hydraulic applications such as hot and cold water, air and saturated steam. Style 107 is a relatively lightweight material that remains soft and pliable, yet does not extrude in joints. Available in 36” width in thicknesses of 1/16”, 3/32”, 1/8” & 3/16”.


Style 711 Seigelite is made from plant fiber, impregnated with a glue/glycerin compound. It is a tough and resilient sheet that is recommended for sealing flanges handling gasoline, benzene, oil, greases and hot or cold water. Available in 36” width in thicknesses of .010", 1/64”, .020", 1/32”, 1/16” & 1/8”.

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